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Pumice Grit, a versatile natural substrate being both exceptionally lightweight and light coloured. Ideal base for product imaging, plant composts and surfacing for Sci-fi and fantasy planets.

Pack size: 0,2kg

Grain Size: 2-4mm

Description: An exceptionally light weight and thermally insulating, natural micro-vesicular (bubbly) pumice grit. When incorporated into compost mixes the open honeycomb structure of the pumice allows for absorption of moisture which is slowly released as the compost dries out

Pumice grit provides for an adaptable model staging and image placement media.

Volume for volume pumice grit is in the order of one quarter of the weight of "normal" aggregate, providing maximum surface cover with minimum placement effort for Sci-Fi and fantasy planet staging.

The product contains predominantly rounded particles with a light grey/white honeycomb structure which will readily accept water based (acrylic), spray and oil based paints.

The product provides a low reflectance surface for photographic assignments with good clean item holding characteristics.

Being lightweight the product is easily cleared away with no special requirements for disposal.

When saturated for at least 24 hours Pumice Grit is likely to absorb approximately 30% by weight of water

Applications Include:

Seeds & Cuttings:
Pumice Horticultural Grit is both sterile and pH neutral making it an ideal moisture retaining compost component when planting seeds and cuttings. Its open honeycomb structure and low density ensures that it warms up more quickly than conventional stone based grits and also provides insulation aiding germination and protection of vulnerable seedlings.

Terrariums, bottle gardens and Vivariums :
Use as a moisture retentive gravel substrate and soil conditioner when planting both open glass containers and closed terrariums.
In the base of vivariums, use in place of plastic bead or heavy gravel substrate.

Scale Models:
Suggested scale use for Pumice Grit.

Scalexric, 1:32, 3/8Scale Small Broken lava
Railways, O or 1/4Scale, 1:48 Lava Scree / Surface Regolith
Warcraft Mini, 28mm, 1:56 Lava Scree / Surface Regolith
Airfix, 1:72 Lava Scree / Surface Regolith
Model Railways, HO, 1:87 Rugged volcanic surface
Aircraft/Ships 1:144 1/2 tonne (400mm) Volcanic Boulders

Colour & Form:
We take great care to provide accurate images, however, shade variations can occur both with the products themselves and with ambient lighting.

It can also be difficult to adequately describe and visualise grain size, we do, however, show products in context with additional images.

For both colour and form please request a sample if these factors are critical to your application.

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Safety Information: Not suitable for children under 36 months as this product may present a choking hazard.

Natural aggregates are obtained from licensed and regulated sources.
Packaging has been sourced with due environmental consideration, in turn please responsibly and safely discard or recycle.
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