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New to Marine Arts, or just interested in who we are?

Who are Marine Arts?

Marine Arts is a trading name of Specialist Aggregates Ltd the UK's largest supplier of shells. Whether it be a single decorative specimen, or a selection of shells for a beach theme, we are the source for you.

Where are you based?

Marine Arts Stock Facility

Based in the heart of the Midlands, our dedicated UK distribution centre supplies shells on both a large and small scale, offering delivery to both trade customers and individuals.

What do Specialist Aggregates do?

Specialist Aggregates Limited

Specialist Aggregates manufacture and supply a wide range of technical and decorative aggregates, many of which you will have seen without realising. Examples include sands and pebbles for TV shows, film sets and shop window displays; gravels for award winning show gardens and feature boulders for adventure play areas.

How long have Specialist Aggregates been selling shells?

Specialist Aggregates - Shells

Specialist Aggregates have been supplying shells since 2000. During this time they have been instrumental in establishing new and novel uses for shells arising from Atlantic based fishing operations. Today they are responsible for recycling shells that would otherwise go to landfill for use in industrial processes and concrete products.

Where are the shells sourced?

Specialist Aggregates - Shells

Over 95% of shells sourced by Specialist Aggregates arise from the UK's regulated seafood industry predominantly harvested from the Atlantic ocean and the Irish Sea. Additional decorative shells are sourced from the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

How do you ensure that imported shells are responsibly sourced?

Responsible Sourcing

Specialist Aggregates work with a number of long-term suppliers whose livelihood depends on respecting the environment and sourcing shells in a sustainable way. Just as in the UK, the majority of shells arise either from farmed seafood sources or from harvesting natural resources for their food value.

Shell Collecting
The curious shapes and colourful patterns make tropical shells amongst the most fascinating of natural creations. However, to many coastal communities they are simply their local equivalent to our cockles and mussels.

Through visiting suppliers and both understanding and working within local, national and International regulations, Specialist Aggregates strive to ensure that shells and shell derived products are sourced with due regard to the environment.

How are your shells identified?

  • Each shell or group of shells is given a common name. Here we have added some of our own marketing "spin" - for instance have you ever tried to sell Asses Ears for wedding decoration? Pearl Slippers are surely more appealing?
  • We have also identified shells by their Latin name (Genus and species). We need to do this to uniquely identify shells both for export licence and import clearance. This information can also help you search the internet for additional information.

How do we contact Marine Arts

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you - call 01889 580668 or e-mail For full details see the "Contact Us" section.

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  • *Free delivery applies to UK mainland locations in England, Wales and Southern Scotland
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