Child Safe Sea Shells

Child Safe Sea Shells

As a practical Earth Scientist, I was aware that no specific safely tests were available, so I had to fall back on my best knowledge and practical experience to determine if a particular shell was "child safe".

As a father, the criteria I have applied in assessing the suitability of sea shells for young learners are exactly those that I would apply in determining if I would let my three year plus children experience and discover sea shells. Namely:

  • Can the shell be swallowed?
    All child safe sea shells are selected to be greater than 5cm in size, thus mitigating the chance of ingestion.
  • Does the shell have sharp or pointed ends that could cause injury either to the child or a third party?
    Child safe shells selected to reduce the potential for sharp edges and pointy bits - for comparison contrast with either murex or spider shells which we would not recommend in young hands.
  • Could the shell break or splinter into sharp fragments?
    The shells we have chosen are solid "chunky" specimens which will suffer considerable punishment before fracturing even from a four year old!
  • Is the shell made from dangerous chemicals?
    Sea Shells are completely natural and made of up to 99.5 % calcium carbonate, a mineral that we see all around us from limestone rocks to concrete structures.
  • Has anything Noxious been used to clean the shells?
    No, The shells have been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with water. If you have any lingering doubts or if they get dirty, shells will happily withstand a cycle in the dishwasher.
  • Has anything been used to coat or paint the shells?
    No, the fantastic patterns and colours they display are completely natural.

Are sea shells fun to explore? YES, YES, YES, Enjoy!

Steve Le Chevalier
Managing Director

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