Polished Volcanic Black Gravel - Craft Pack

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Volcanic black gravel, fully rounded and polished to provide an opportunity to demonstrate and teach a complete cross section of Icelandic geology. The gravel can also be used decoratively with candles and in creative craft

Pack size: 100g

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Gravel Size: 6mm to 16mm

Description & Application:
Tumbled and polished fully rounded natural black granite "pea gravel".

Material for tumbling is obtained from a fully licensed deposit on Iceland. This unique gravel contains a mix of particles from black basalt erupted from volcanoes to micro granite and gabbro eroded from their weathered central cores.
The particles provide an opportunity to demonstrate and teach complete cross section of Icelandic volcanic geology.

This polished gravel can also be used decoratively with candles and in creative craft.

Suggested use as Beach,Stream, and Boulder Debris in scale modelling

Scalexric, 1:32, 3/8Scale 200mm to 500mm boulders approx 20 to 300kg
Railways, O or 1/4Scale, 1:48 250mm to 700mm boulders approx 75 to 600kg
Warcraft Mini, 28mm, 1:56 300mm to 900mm Boulders, approx 90kg to 1 tonne,
Airfix, 1:72 400mm to 1000mm Boulders, approx 250kg to 1 tonne
Model Railways, HO, 1:87 500mm to 1300mm Boulders, approx 400kg to 1.5 tonnes
Aircraft/Ships 1:144 1000mm to 2300mm boulder,s approx 1 to 5 tonnes

Colour & Form:
We take great care to provide accurate images, however, shade variations can occur both with the products themselves and with ambient lighting.

It can also be difficult to adequately describe and visualise grain size, we do, however, show products in context with additional images.

For both colour and form please request a sample if these factors are critical to your application.

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