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Unique and distinctive natural nautilus shell provides a perfect study for drawing and art classes. The shell also provides a tangible focus for marine ecology studies.

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Shell size: 10cm. (Approx 4 inch)

Nautilus shell with its unique and distinctive natural camouflage markings is an absolute favourite for interior decor within our polished shell collection.

The shell provides the perfect study for drawing and art classes.

Nautilus shells provide a tangible focus for marine ecology studies, bringing together aspects of geography, biology and conservation.

Ecological Note:
Concern has been expressed over suspected dwindling numbers of Nautilus in the wild

As the cephalopods generally live at depths of between 100m and 500m it is difficult for scientists to absolutely quantify numbers, however, evidence form fishermen and marine surveys suggest that in some localities over fishing is a problem.

Whilst the lifecycle of Nautilus is not fully understood, it is known that the creature can take up to ten years to reach sexual maturity and even then the species does not produce a free swimming larval stage, making it difficult for it to re-colonise areas should numbers become depleted.

Marine Arts will continue to monitor the situation, and at all times work within agreed International Conventions and the Law of exporting countries.

Colour & Form:
We take great care to provide accurate images, however, as a totally natural product shade variations and irregularities can occur, we consider these add to the fascination of the collection.

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Having survived relatively unchanged for millions of years, nautilus are often considered to be "living fossils”, indeed the ammonite is a related extinct species.

When seen from the top, the natural shell is darker in color and marked with irregular stripes, which makes it blend into the darkness of the water below. Whilst the shells frequent waters around 300m below the surface, the shell is capable of withstanding pressures down to 500m.

The shell is internally divided into chambers. As the nautilus matures its body moves forward, sealing the chamber behind it. The last fully open chamber being used as the living chamber. The number of chambers increases from around four at the moment of hatching to often more than thirty in adults.

Classification: Nautilus pompilus Linne
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