Atlantic Scallop Shells - Large - 13-14cm

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Fully cleaned, UK sourced, large scallop shell dishes, suitable for seafood presentation and for marine decor and crafts.

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Shell size: 13-14cm.

The trend continues to serve food an anything but a plate even boards and slates are old hat! Make a presentation statement with these fully cleaned, UK Sourced natural whole Scallop shell dishes. Not only have these shells been used as serving dishes, our customers have utilised them for crafts and interior/exterior decoration. The shells have been prepared to food standards, however, just like buying any food plate wash thoroughly before use. (They will happily survive a cycle in the dish washer !)

The shells have a level capacity of approximately 80ml, for smaller (50ml) serving dishes see Atlantic Scallop Shells - Medium - Reference 8602

Use of Shells for Food Presentation.

Seashells like these Atlantic or King Scallops make the best presentation platters due to their bowl-like shape and the ability to clean them thoroughly on all surfaces.

Sea shells offered by OnLine Shells as serving dishes naturally made form the mineral Calcium Carbonate. We are not aware of any other compounds or minerals within the seashells that would preclude their use as food presentation dishes.

Seashells have a complex layered construction, making them extremely strong and light weight. In many cases seashells are stronger than ceramic plates, but be aware that chipping can occur.

Whilst seashells are dishwasher safe we would suggest that hand washing may be more practical. Our scallop shells have been thoroughly cleaned, however, the shells are stored under warehouse conditions and appropriate measures should be taken commensurate with established food hygiene practice before using seashells for food presentation.

Source & Environment:
Natural sea shells, a by-product of licensed fishing, approved by authorities in the UK

Colour & Form:
We take great care to provide accurate images, however, as a totally natural product shade variations and irregularities can occur, we consider these add to the fascination of the collection.

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Background: Scallops are bi-valves, often the shells are symmetrical about a hinge axis, however, in some species the top shell is flat and the lower shell or cup is dish-like. This combined shell shape acts like an aeroplane wing allowing the shells to become active swimmers and migrate the world's oceans. In total there are some 350 species, some are farmed and many are highly prized as a gourmet food source.

Scallop Shells in History: The scallop shell is the traditional emblem of Saint James. Medieval Christians making the pilgrimage to the apostle's shrine at Santiago de Compostela in Spain carried a scallop shell and would present themselves at churches, castles, abbeys etc. where they could expect to be given as much sustenance as could be picked up with one scoop.

Designation: Pecten maximus Linne
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