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Natural capiz sea shells. Strong yet fascinatingly translucent, finding creative application for wind-chimes , light fittings and "glass" windows.

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Shell size: Approx 9-11cm across.

Natural paper-thin translucent capiz shell.

These shells have "natural" edges but can be cut, drilled and worked to make wind-chimes, lighting fixtures and "glass" windows.

Suitable for decorative floristry work, window displays, and photographic assignments. Capiz shells can be coloured using a wide variety of coloured pens and paints. For innovative textures attach to paper, card, fabrics and other shells using either 'UHU' type glue or a hot glue gun.

Background: Capiz shells are related to oysters and scallops and classically come from the Province of the same name in the Philippines, however, varieties of the shell can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific region. The shells are fished under strict licensed quota and they are also extensively cultured both for their meat and for the quality pearls they can produce.

Capiz shell in History The natural shells are so thin as to be translucent and were known as windowpane oyster, although today the shells are more frequently seen made into lampshades and other decorative objects.

Retail and Creative Design: This sea shell is available in wholesale quantities.

Import / Export Identification: Placuna Placenta

Source reference: Republic of Philippines, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Fisheries Directive Order 157, 1986
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